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"Lost" Google ratings have been found elsewhere. Here's one.

These guys are awesome. I've had them out 4 times in the last year and half or so. None of those were an emergency but all but one time they were able to come out the same morning I called. The last time they offered to check and see if someone was willing to work late to get out sooner. They have fixed a water heater problem, replaced a water heater and fixed an electrical issue. I've attempted to use many other plumbers and electricians in Bloomington and no one ever calls you back, or you get a "I don't want your tiny job stupid high price quote." They answer the phone and show up on time. I've met most of the crew there and every one of them is ridiculously friendly. They don't mind you hovering around watching and asking questions. In fact, they sure seem to welcome it. Rates are on the web site the web site is accurate, they answer calls and give great service. You can even pay online now. Kevin and Alan were here yesterday to help me with a electrical issue, which they fixed promptly and even went an extra mile to help with a completely unrelated question with no charge. I couldn't recommend them more. Read original review...

Chris May16,2012 on Google