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East: 330-0500 | West: 825-5882

Aim To Please Plumbing & ELECTRIC is a family business in Bloomington.
We fired our smoking clients a couple of years ago. Crazy move, but we thrive!

Look at our photo albums and see who will be coming to see you.

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Serving Monroe County since 1989.

**Tobacco free employees**

"No Surprises" Estimates - Our customers call us the "Troubleshooting Specialists"

License # PC88900118

So many of our customers say they called us because they saw our "Tobacco Free" ad. In this day of allergies and asthma, many people appreciate that we come odor-free and tobacco-free to their homes. Our "No Surprises" estimates give our clients the assurance that they will only be spending what they have been told. No one likes huge surprises, and Aim To Please takes pride in sticking to our estimates.

With everything we do, whether it be:
ELECTRIC Panels, locating and repairing shorts, installing extra circuits or outlets or PLUMBING.
Sewer frogs, faucets, showers, tubs, water heaters, drain lines, underground boring, backhoe work, gas farts, bath remodels, garbage disposals, water lines, toilets, vanities, kitchen sinks, sillcocks, yard hydrants, or reverse osmosis systems.

We make every attempt to do it right the first time. Should a repair fail, we will return at no charge, within its warranty period, to correct the problem. Our employees utilize troubleshooting skills that gain us many repeat customers. If we can't fix it, there is no labor charge to the client.