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Read these reviews from some of our past clients.

Thomas Rine

I would like to say to God and everyone out there in cyberspace that working with Aim To Please is so easy.........Not like "easy as pie", but better! Easy as picking up the phone! I was completely comfortable with the girl that answered the phone and even more so with the young man (Malachi) that came out to fix my water heater. He arrived in that huge truck and had everything he needed to make it work again. He didn't leave and come back, just in and out like a ghost.......too cool.

Thank you for reconnecting my water heater. The only thing "Mr. Wrong" did was replace the water heater, he couldn't even hook up the pipes again without making it rain when he turned on the water.

You were so fast and efficient. I'll be calling you for all my plumbing needs from now on.

J. Fiscus

Letter of Appreciation and Recommendation for Aim To Please Plumbing

I'm very pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for your company's use- please feel free to copy it to any customer or potential customer, and let them know that I'd also speak with them by telephone if they'd like. I've had pleasant occasion to employ Aim To Please Plumbing for about 12 years - in capacity as a facilities director, a home owner, and an independent contractor.

At one time, I directed all physical plant for 25 facilities in three counties, using over 100 vendors and contractors. Aim To Please performed many repairs for our residential care facilities, always on-time, prepared, and within their cost estimates.

Aside from many flawless repairs done on close time lines, Aim To Please has also "saved my bacon" personally several times - in fact my first contact 12 years ago was during a spectacular snow and ice storm, where my home water supply (250 of underground pipe) froze solid on a holiday weekend. Alan Meeker brought in everything he needed (no long trips for parts from suppliers closed anyway) and solved the problem. Almost 10 years later on a Christmas Eve afternoon when I had two days off before traveling to continue a job out-of-state, my wife and I found sewage backing up into our "new" 75-year-old tank-equipped house. Aim To Please showed up immediately, completely equipped, and worked tirelessly, diagnosing a very odd plumbing system and digging out a well-hidden septic system, and also somehow convincing subcontractors to come out to pump out the ancient system -- all completed Christmas Eve night.

I've found Aim To Please universally thorough and helpful. Alan Meeker and his associates are straightforward in their business dealings, scrupulously honest with customers and totally competent in everything they do. I'm pleased to offer this recommendation.

Alan C. Heuer, Martin & Associates

I am writing to recommend Aim To Please plumbing service. I have used them more than once and have been impressed each time.

They have replaced all of my ancient water lines and added a clean-out hole. Each time they have come they have done and excellent job. Their work is of the highest quality, they are on time and the cost is exactly what they estimate.

They are very nice people; there is no smoking or bad language, and they clean up after themselves. I would recommend Aim To Please to anyone who needs plumbing work done.

Rhea Kelley
Bloomington, IN 47403

This is just a brief note to let you know how much I appreciate the good work you have done for my company in the last three years we have been working together. As you can imagine, it is very important for someone in my line of work to have reliable and dependable help in our many rental emergencies. It has been very reassuring to know that we can contact you at any hour of the day or night and take care of the problem for us. We also have never had call-backs on your work - another source of comfort to us. My tenants have also been complimentary about how you have handled the job for them. They appreciate your courteousness and the fact that you don't leave messes in their homes.

Please feel free to show this letter to anyone who is contemplating using your services. I would be most pleased to receive telephone inquiries as well. I can be reached Monday through Friday at 336-6246.

I look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Julie Costley
Costley & Co.