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Using a plunger...

It looks so easy...they don't even come with instructions. Here's how it is done by the professionals: We pull a clog apart, not try to push it down. This works well on sinks and toilets alike. And oh yeah...have a dedicated plunger for sinks and another for stools.

How to Bail Water Out of A Hole

New webmaster

We cried help for a while and now have help from the Smedberg family of web gurus! Look for new content soon.

New Looks

Our site is going to look a bit different soon. We'll be adding more photos and changing the names of pages to make it easier for you to find us next time. Give me some feedback. Should we forgo the "time and materials" rates and just go with bids? Let me know at: Put "feedback" in the subject line.

Malachi's Vertigo

Malachi has a designated driver! His new driver is his cousin Josh. It is due to Malachi having vertigo brought on by an ear infection. It's been a couple of weeks now. Josh is right by his side ensuring Malachi is safe while he works. Drop him a line of encouragement if you like.

Rock Blasting

A special for you only, just because you bothered to read the blog section.

OK, here it goes............ Call for a special price on clearing roots from your drain. 50% off if: it is not currently stopped up entirely, you pay when the service is complete, there is an outside clean-out, it is scheduled before December 7, and you say, "pretty please" (Hey, I'm chief cook and bottle washer so I get to make the rules! ;).
Who says plumbing & electric isn't fun?

How was I to know?

I went to wash my hands at a local restaurant today before ordering. Little did I know what I'd run across! When I opened the door to the men's room I was dumb-struck by an image forever etched in my memory (such as it is these days)........a man sitting with a jacket pulled over his head to hide his shame. Personally, I was rather traumatized too! Well, I went away in a hurry and didn't look back for a long time. Later I discovered the lock was broken. Poor guy didn't have anyone to post as a guard. I think my plumbing would have gotten stopped up if it happened to me.

More "LOST" google ratings.

Aim to please is GREAT! We recently hired Alan and Malachi to do several jobs for us, ranging from small to large projects, which included both plumbing and electrical work. Their work was terrific and we plan to hire them for more projects on our list. The cost was very reasonable and EXACTLY the amount that Alan bid prior to the projects - no surprises. These guys are awesome.
Jeanne March 12, 2012 on Google, but “lost”

A rating you may not have seen.

These guys are really great-- professional and very considerate. We've worked with Malachi (sp?) several times at our old house for electrical, and more recently Nathan and Ryan for plumbing. When Nathan and Ryan arrived last week, our toddler boys were napping in their bedroom, which adjoins the bathroom. Nathan and Ryan were able to complete the bathroom repairs making very little noise. Instead of using the usual wet vac for suctioning water, they used a large sponge, which I am sure was much less conventient.

More "Lost" Google ratings.........

Call them for your electrical needs!
I got an estimate last Wed and called them same-day to set up appointment. Alan (pic above right) did my estimate and he was personable, knowledgeable, and just an all around good guy. He and 2 of his crew came and did an overhead light, 2 sconces, as well as dimmer switches. I could not be happier! The whole process from start to finish was smooth as silk. Also a bonus for them is that they offer online payment for jobs via debit/credit or e-check. I will without hesitation call them again when needed.
Heather May 9, 2012 on Google

"Lost" Google ratings have been found elsewhere. Here's one.

These guys are awesome. I've had them out 4 times in the last year and half or so. None of those were an emergency but all but one time they were able to come out the same morning I called. The last time they offered to check and see if someone was willing to work late to get out sooner. They have fixed a water heater problem, replaced a water heater and fixed an electrical issue. I've attempted to use many other plumbers and electricians in Bloomington and no one ever calls you back, or you get a "I don't want your tiny job stupid high price quote." They answer the phone and show up on time.

Help! We need Google ratings.

Calling all plumbing and electric clients that have used Aim To Please......Our two dozen or so Google ratings have disappeared. Now all that is left are two poor ratings. We need your help to make the phone ring by repeating your previous rating or upload a rating if you have never done so. In this modern world you and your neighbors depend on what others say about a company before you make a purchasing decision.
We suspect someone hacked the Google site and removed the good ratings we worked so hard to earn.

Bloomington, Indiana's newest plumbing award winner!

Malachi says, "Yehaw!" (goofy redneck;)
Aim To Please won a Super Service Award for both plumbing and electric. Our clients have made ratings with Angie's List and google. The majority have such good things to say that Angie presented us with the award a couple of days ago. Thank you to our clients. By the way, we present an award to our employees that are mentioned in any online rating. It builds morale like nothing else could. Again, THANK YOU for your input.

Copper is bad for YOU and ME !!!

According to an article by Hallie Potocki in "First" magazine's October 31, 2011
issue, copper can cause lots of problems for us. Copper steeps into the
water as it sets, waiting for us to shower or drink it. This copper
can overwork our livers and cause lethargy, mood swings, and fatigue
(redundancy for emphasis;). Zinc supplements may help balance the
copper in our bodies. Red meat, poultry, and cashews (bless you) all
contain zinc. Vitamin C aids in copper excretion. Copper water lines
in the home are a suspected culprit. Consider installing a reverse
osmosis system for drinking and cooking water, and perhaps letting the
water run for a minute (waste water?) before showering.
Do we want to even think of the lead solder holding those pipes
together? Didn't think so.

We have a winner!

Mr. Wade S. is going to the theatre with his 12 year-old daughter. She will be seeing dancing nutcrackers and pointe-ing ballerinas (couldn't resist ;). Dad....will be her hero for making such a memory. Take this away when you leave the site......we never know when we're making memories for someone else.


Hey, it's about time you won a prize! All you have to do is enter by sending a message to Just enter once, but have friends and relatives who live in B'town enter too. We will award two tickets to "Swan Lake", or is it "The Nutcracker"? Anyway, you'll have fun on row 14, seats 102 and 103 at the Musical Arts Center on Jordan Avenue. These are really good seats, right up front. We will probably keep the email addresses for future use, of course, to send offers and announcements.

Plumber Bloomington

Wow! What a crazy summer. We remodeled six bathrooms and one kitchen from June 1 to August 2. Some of you were put on the back burner for a couple of days before our service crew could catch up. Thank you for your patience. Bloomington has such a cool, diverse culture. Our plumbers and electricians get to meet you on your own turf. What wonderful stories we get to hear at the end of the day. We have a kitchen remodel scheduled for January. You may think of remodeling during our slow time as well (Jan. through March).

Crazy names in B'town

We have High Street, That Road, and Child's School.
Why not Bye Street, This Road, and Adult's School?
One can cross B'town on Tapp Road, Country Club, Winslow Road, Rogers Road, and Smith Road without making a turn off any one of these! Maple Grove Road and Leonard Springs Road both have two locations for crying out loud. I propose we rename some streets to clarify the maps a bit. Those that have two or more names get reduced to one and those that are in two locations get two names. What do you think?

Your taste is different from mine.

We carry a few select faucets on board our trucks. The purpose is to have an available faucet for you in the event of an emergency or perhaps you like the faucet we happen to have aboard. You are welcome to provide a faucet of your choosing for us to install. We do not want to dictate your taste. Some assistance is available to help you choose a suitable faucet, just ask.


No surprise here. Gas prices have gone up. Our commitment to our clients has not changed though. If we need to go away for parts that should have been on our truck, there is no extra charge for the errand, no extra trip charge or labor charge either. That's why we drive those rolling warehouses!

Radio Ad & Internet ratings

I don't know if plumbing or electric sell well on the radio. I think not, or our radio spot stunk. Many of our current clients commented on the ad, but no new people called because they heard us on the radio. On our home page you can hear the ad by pushing/clicking on a button. Let us know what you think of it.

Angie's List award

HEY THERE ! ! ! We won a SUPER SERVICE AWARD from Angie's List. Our clients have recognized us by putting ratings there and other places on the internet. Some have had bathroom remodels, others called us out for electrical problems, and even plumbing conundrums. We are so grateful for the effort it takes to do so. It makes our hearts swell with gratitude. We will continue to earn your trust in the coming years. When we have a positive interchange with clients it makes us want to work harder to do our very best.

It's January!

TAX TIME ! Boy, that thought runs chills down my spine. Deadlines out the wazoo. 940's 941's w-2's WH-1 ....... the list is endless. This year we have a goal. If we get it done by the end of the month we go on vacation (except Malachi, Jim, and Sherry). Now that's incentive. Don't look for me the first week of February, I'll be in Puerto Rico soaking up some rays with my wife.
Piso Mojado !

electrical work (my own)

I finally got some electric work done around the house! I installed a couple of outlets in my shed so the diesel trucks could be plugged in. Now they start so much better! Come to think of it, I start so much better when I'm warm too.
My wife insists on getting some plumbing done around the house, maybe I can get Malachi to do it ;)

If you happen to read any of this stuff...........inspire me to do better by letting me know this is read.

Plumber Bloomington IN that's what you can use to search for us online in the future.

New baby in the house.

Malachi and his wife have a new baby in the house. Her name is Danielle. She was born, er, taken seven weeks early. After a month in the hospital she's now home. Danielle doesn't know day from night just yet. So, when you see Malachi congratulate him on the new arrival.

I got fired! Can you believe it?

I got fired. No kidding. After 30 years of plumbing expertise I let a client tell me how to do my job. It turned out so badly I fired myself. The client was no better off after I left, but no worse off either. I spent two hours doing what the client wanted instead of what he needed. I learned my lesson: Do what needs to be done or don't do anything at all. Otherwise I may get fired again.

Blind man

Have you seen the blind man driving around B'town? He's Bob Patton, a true 'nough blind man. He and his wife, Paula, are busy people. They install and repair blinds all around town. They're easy going and personable. Just so you know, I like 'em both, and so would you. :)

The only poem Alan ever memorized

This poem by Ogden Nash explains the length of man's suffering:
Fleas, by Ogden Nash

Adam had 'em.


We had a trial run with a new guy recently. He worked out well enough, but the phone stopped ringing. The new guy was released to his other job. He hadn't quit his other job, but was working with us during his days off. Sometimes the phone goes non-stop. We have been a two to three truck shop for quite a while. I had figured with the economy recovering now would be a good time to add a helper for the guys. That's what I get for thinking!