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Cranial Digressions

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This is the page where I blog a bit. My goofs and saves!

How about that? I just found out that several of my competitors have cheaper rates. These same competitors take four to eight hours to install a water heater while we take two to three on most occasions. Our net rate of $90/hr for two hours is about $180. Their net rate of $75-88/hr for four hours minimum is about $300-350. See, you can shop rates but not speed and quality without risk................

Check our referrals on Angie's List to get a feel for our character. Contractors do not post these referrals, they are placed by real people.

I go to make a bid for a project on occasion and spend quite some time putting together a plan that will be simple and effective only to have the client use my ingenuity but not my company for the labor. I may not have worded it well, but it works like this:
Client: How would you install this new xxx?
Plumber: Well, I have a couple of ways, like this.... and like that....
Client: How much?
Plumber: This much for Plan A and lesser for Plan B
Client: Thank you, I'll call to schedule.
The job gets done with our plan but not our labor. I just gave away free time and 30 year's of expertise. Well, I have to believe that blessings come to those who do good.

We had to increase our rates recently (as of May 2007). Fuel prices, insurance rates, parts, repairs, they have all been costing us more just as they do you. We made an increase but have begun splitting the second and following hours in half. Remind us to take note of the time upon arrival and we will get accurate billing. Our trucks carry lots of repair parts so we don't have to go get them on your dollar. Other plumbers come to their clients' homes in small vans or pick-ups and repeatedly go after parts on clients' time. We promise to carry typical parts in plentiful supply. Occasionally an oddball repair will cause us to run, but rarely.

Those of you who know us already understand our resourcefulness and ingenuity. We have even heard "clever" applied to our troubleshooting.

The price-shoppers will know frustration at plumbers for poor service and poor workmanship.

You get what you pay for, Starbucks or McDonald's!

Malachi got married on November 18, 2006 to Brandi. Their new daughter was born on November 29, 2010. They will always look forward to November. Little Danielle came in seven weeks early and had to go from 4# to 5# before the hospital would let her go home. Malachi reported on January 1 that she'd grown to 5- 8. Wow, she's taller than all of us in just a couple of weeks!!

Just for S. Andrews: I like reading James Whitcomb Riley, but Ogden Nash is my favorite with Shel Silverstein coming in close second.

I was sitting at the light at Vernal Pike and 37 on Monday the 16th of October. BAM! A small car hit my step-van. It made a lot of noise but didn't hurt the truck too much. Her car was beat up pretty good on the driver's front fender. Ms. Fox was visibly shaken and shaking! I got in her car after we pulled aside and we chatted a while. I decided to give her a pass when the state police showed up and not make a report. Her insurance would have gotten wind of it, don't you know. After all, it was raining and now she knows to let up off the brake to steer around a stopped vehicle. I'm sure you'd have done the same thing if your vehicle didn't have noticeable damage. Let's remember to do random acts of kindness. It'll pay us back one day when we need it most.

The biggest tip I ever got. $200. See if you can top it! Ha! Ha! ;) I bid a job to take two days and it turned into a nightmare of four and a half days. I stuck to the original bid. J. Shaffer was kind enough to note the extra effort and reward me for sticking to my word. That was in October 2006.